sonicles 3.0: Korean Experience (2012)

I recorded this collection of Sonicles over the course of my residency at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, South Korea.

"sonicles 3" by hasan hujairi


sonicle: how to be good and complacent (06/07/2012)
Wear the blue pants when you receive them as a gift, and don’t grumble when they ask you to stand on your head.


sonicle: how to introduce yourself to mountain rain (18/07/2012)
easy, do it with fire.


sonicle: Shamhat tames Enkidu (04/08/2012)
It only took one paranoid hunter and a trap that lasted six days and seven nights.


sonicle: their mud huts, our mud huts (11/08/2012)
Their bones are ours, and their mud huts are our mud huts.


sonicle: dragonflies recur (19/08/2012)
Dragonflies recur just like nightmares. They are forgotten like cicadas in Autumn.


sonicle: reptiles in the belly (23/09/2012)
Reptiles in the belly, worms in the ears,
I’m okay if you’re okay.


sonicle: backland motor language (26/09/2012)
A pulsating appel du myle. And probably one-sided.


sonicle: interzone still lies ahead (26/09/2012)
Ahead of us is Interzone, or have we passed it by already?


sonicle: selling alaska (28/09/2012)
A: “Soon they’ll all be gone.” (Ref: seals)
B: “Sailors never get rich, they only get.. NeverMIND what they get.”
N: “Oh, how I love the final frontier.” (prior to outer space becoming a frontier)


sonicle: canis lupus (02/10/2012)
territorial for no good reason.


sonicle: another monochrome outlook (17/11/2012)
time-travelers and fortunetellers: all colorblind.