“Red Bull Music Academy Presents: Symphonies of the Self”

On April 8th and 9th, 2016, “Red Bull Music Academy: Symphonies of the Self” was presented at the Cultural Hall in Bahrain as part of the 2016 Spring of Culture activities. The project, which I had devised with the generous support of Red Bull Bahrain and Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, was a celebration of the life and work of late Bahraini composer Majeed Marhoon (1945 – 2010). The project entailed a two-night concert, a documentary-film directed by Saleh Nass, and an ongoing archiving/foundation project that would aim to preserve and promote the works of Majeed Marhoon.

The concerts in April 2016 included performances by the following artists:

  1. Bahrain National Orchestra (led by Maestro Khalifa Zaiman)
  2. Hasan Hujairi
  3. Henrik Schwarz
  4. Bugge Wesseltoft
  5. Ahmed Al Ghanem
  6. Salman Zaiman (of Bahrain’s Ajraas fame)




Concert Finale: “The Beginning of My Happiness” (Featuring Henrik Schwarz, Bugge Wesseltoft, Ahmed Al-Ghanem, and Hasan Hujairi)



Preview of Concert


Trailers of Documentary Film






Further Interviews (in detail)



Press (Arabic) 

سيمفونيات الذات” اقتباسات من روائع مجيد مرهون .. أيقظت العواطف بالموسيقى

ختام امسيات “سيمفونيات الذات” للموسيقي الراحل مجيد مرهون

بالصور: ” سمفونيات الذات” لمجيد مرهون بالصالة الثقافية في البحرين

سمفونيات “مجيد مرهون” تعيد الذكريات في حفل مهيب بالصالة الثقافية

الفنان مجيد مرهون… إعادة الاعتبار