nosebleed: structurally, an opera.

In October 2015, I was commissioned by Ibraaz to produce an artwork that could live on their website. For this, I put together an eBook that comprises of my voice narrating three stories that are of personal meaning to me along with my own reproduction of Beethoven’s “Fugue for Organ in D Major” on the Novachord. One can hear my voice narrating those three stories and my reinterpretation of Beethoven’s fugue by pressing the “play” button whenever it appears. The work also includes algorithmically generated geometric patterns that I had devised during the process of compiling the eBook. This eBook appeared alongside an essay entitled On Constant Invention: Notes on Maverickism as Genealogy and Genealogy as Approach which may be found on the following link:

The eBook can be downloaded here: